Technical Support Tips to Make You a Tech Idol

For all businesses, offering exceptional tech support is a great way to drive business success. Tech support encompasses all steps and procedures used to resolve technical issues and encourage continued use of specific products. Meeting and exceeding customer’s support expectations can be challenging. For this, you will require expertise and specialized touch. We have provided you with excellent tech support tips guaranteed to make you a tech idol.

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What Is Tech Support?

Your tech support team handles installation, product use, and technicalities of products. At Monify Media, we have excellent round-the-clock support services to help you with your task of becoming a tech idol.

How Does Tech Support Differ From Customer Support?

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About Tech Support

  1. Pre Tech Support

Pre-tech support is the first level of tech support available to users. At this level, the solution to customer issues can be gotten on the internet via reviews by other customers. Other users of the product guide confused users on how best to tackle each problem. Website comments, blogs, social media, and online forums act as pre-tech support platforms.

2. Self Service

Self-service is the second level of tech support. It allows customers to tackle fundamental tech problems using detailed videos, online forums, and the frequently asked question section. While self-service may not seem like a tech support option, it is a great way to reduce workload while still providing customers with the support they need.

3. First Line of Support

If the previous tech options fail to provide the customers with the necessary solution, it may be time to initiate human contact. First-line support addresses common questions. While tech support personnel solve simple issues, they may be unable to handle more complex issues. The goal of this level is to address up to 80% of arising tech issues before escalating to the higher-tech level.

4. Second Line of Support

The personnel in the second level of defense have in-depth knowledge of technical issues and are trained to handle more complex issues. The second line treats 20% of the unresolved problems from the first line of support. Most users here lodge complaints via phone calls. If the personnel here are unable to address the issues, they escalate them to the next level.

5. Third Line of Support

The third line of support, also called customer support, is the highest hierarchy of tech support. The personnel here have even more experienced than all other tech level personnel and may even be from the research and development unit. The function of customer support is to handle the rare cases that the other levels failed to solve.

What are the Roles of Tech Support?

  • Addressing customers and trying to figure out their support problems
  • Carrying out scheduled maintenance
  • Logging in and processing all Customer support complaints
  • Repairing or replacing spoilt technical parts
  • They provide customers with installation help for all products.
  • They are responsible for diagnosing hardware and software issues and providing support on how to fix them.
  • They keep stock of hardware materials, software, and other equipment.

What Are Some Tips to Help Make My Tech Support Formidable?

  1. Understanding the Tech Problem

The first step to providing remarkable tech support is understanding the scope of the problem and identifying possible causes. Without this, the provided support will fail to address the issue and leave the customer dissatisfied. Understanding is crucial to determine the right troubleshooting steps to take

2. Correctly Gauging the Customers Tech Level

It is vital to understand the customer’s knowledge of technology. With this information, you can tailor communication to achieve maximum impact. For more tech-savvy customers, there may be no need to alter the language and tone of the message. If the customer is not tech-savvy, it is paramount that you adjust the language to communicate your point effectively.

3. Communicate the Solution in Layman Terms

An essential part of tech support is communicating solutions to customers in ways they can understand easily. We advise that while addressing issues, tech support teams use plain layman terms to describe the answers; this way, it is easier to provide understandable solutions.

Rambling in technical jargon can hurt the efficacy of the message. Keep it as simple as possible to reduce the amount of useful information lost.

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4. Offering Multi-Channel Tech Support Options.

Instead of relying on email and telephone calls for tech support, it is crucial to incorporate other options. Creating different platforms for users to access tech support means that users always have the support they need regardless of the forum. While creating these platforms, ensure tech staff can use them efficiently.

Some channels you can explore asides from email and phone support include:

  • Social media
  • Live chat
  • Ticketing

5. Offer a 24/7 Tech Support

Customers detest waiting. A great tip to endear your tech support to customers is to ensure that they are always promptly treated. To achieve this, the team will have to be adequately staffed and trained to treat issues as they occur.

6. Provide Self-service Options

Pay attention to the self-service level of tech support. Create informative materials and videos showing customers how to resolve fundamental issues they may encounter. Creating online forums and self-care forums is another great way to improve your tech support.

While this may seem backward, it is a great way to reduce the volume of tickets. If customers can fix fundamental issues themselves, it means the tech team has done its job efficiently.

7. Keep Track of Routine Tasks Using Software

There is software that allows you to keep track of customers and perform routine tasks. A great way to up your tech support game is investing in this software to improve efficiency. Using the software frees up time that would otherwise have been used on mundane tasks leaving your team available to tackle customers’ needs.


Article by Grace P.

Grace P. is a renowned professional content writer at Monify Media who harbors her love for writing and crafting great social media campaigns.

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